Comic Book Tesseract – 2013.04.16

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  • Fury

  • Wolverine

  • Snapshot

  • Constantine

  • Bedlam

  • Aquaman

  • Five Ghosts haunting of Fabian Gray

  • East of West

  • Avatar last airbender

  • D&D Forgotten Realms Cutter

  • Harbinger Wars

  • Saga

  • Son of Merlin



  • live music library

  • wayback machine

  • tv news

  • Brewster Khale – triangulation

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About Jason Poleyeff

Shot in the back during a robbery gone wrong, Poley spent the next several years recuperating by reading comics. When he was released he spent the next several years searching to find the meaning of life and found it, at the end cap of the video store, right next to the Life of Brian. Since then nothing has surprised him, he finds the most interesting man in the world boring, and he expects the Spanish Inquisition. But he still read comics and can find time for a great TV show or Movie.